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About The Rambling Rose

Our Little Story


Established in 2020, The Rambling Rose is a modern trendy take on a not so traditional bar. Located in Susquehanna County, wife & husband team-Megan & Bill Lewis- converted their 1985 Shoop horse trailer into a charming little traveling bar. Megan is the face of the business and Bill is the muscle.

I, Megan, have over ten years of bartending experience. I have been serving weddings and private events on the side for the last several years and decided to create my own business out of it and still have the flexibility for being with my family. I began researching ideas and The Rambling Rose just began coming to life.

Next thing you know we bought this cute little rusted down trailer and the rest is history! Bill was 100% on board and completely supported my vision every day since. With the help and guidance of my father in-law, my dream became a reality as he and Bill worked endlessly by building a little rusted trailer into what it is today.​​



We make sure that if you’re looking for a unique addition to your wedding or event we are here to make a statement for your guests to talk about years to come!

Best part- WE COME TO YOU!

With our ability to travel to you, we take the stress away. I mean, let's face it, the bar is the most important part of any event and the most visited. So why not make it fun and creative ?

Black Beauty has a the tap kegerator system in place for your convenience. We can hold up to 2 kegs for a more creative selection. Beer, Prosecco, Hard Cider.. all on tap. YES! 

We do our best to accommodate to every type of wedding or event. We help guide you in determining what drinks best suit you and your guest to ensure you have a successful party! Each wedding and event is so unique and YOURS. We customized each and every package to tailer YOU and your event.

Wondering if this is out of your budget ? We do our best to cater to everyone. After all, we are human too. Communicate with us and I have no doubt we can create something special for you! Email or call us to find out what your package will be.

From our little family to yours, Thank you! 

We look forward to serving you and your guests! 

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